If you are seeing this, know things are about to get real. After a health scare this summer with Aaron that is being treated, we are coming back strong in 2023. Things are moving fast and we will be launching a new website very soon.

We are expanding our "team" and want to hear from anyone that wants to be part of our training group or become part of our events team. 

For 2023 we are hoping to have our regular events plus a new adventure race, several map adventures, a NEW navigation class and a 24 hour trail relay race. Have questions? Chat with us LIVE!


Who We Are

Vindura LLC is an endurance events management company located in Somerset, KY. We focus on running, paddling, adventure racing and other areas of endurance sports. We strive to create unique experiences for athletes of all levels.

Our Main Mission

To create and foster opportunities for endurance athletes through unique experiences.

Where does the entry fees go?

We get asked this a lot. We understand the concern that your money isn't going to a worthy cause. In a nutshell, your money is going: To create an experience for you , your friends and those like you.

On top of your financial investment we are adding to this the most valuable and limited resource anyone has to give: our time, the time of our many volunteers and partner agencies

Consider what goes into the cost of putting on an race. Race costs typically include event insurance, food and drinks for volunteers, event swag (t-shirts, custom mugs, bags, etc), overall awards, finisher medals, gas and equipment costs for maintaining trails, permit fees, facilities costs, paper & toner for maps, marketing, general business overhead (domain name, email hosting, business taxes) and so on. Any profit that we make is put back into creating experiences, fund our programming, buy event equipment,  marketing and build bigger better events.